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Cdhp: Creation And New Creation (Ebook)

Sean M Mcdonough

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Price: £9.99

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  • Pages: 304


In keeping with the Scriptural witness and the theological heritage, this
remarkable book examines the doctrine of creation alongside new creation.
The connection between the two - creation and new creation - has
drawn renewed attention in the last several decades; but the burden of
Sean McDonough's argument is that this emphasis on creation and new
creation has been a feature of the doctrine since the beginning, whether
in the eschatological reading of Genesis 1 that predominated at least until
early modern times, or the intertwining of the narratives of creation and
redemption in thinkers from Irenaeus to Barth. Whilst covering the traditional
elements of the doctrine, McDonough treats the important subject with
a special emphasis on how these unfold in the story of what Gunton has
called God's "creation project".