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First Chapter

To Heaven and Back

A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again

By Mary C. Neal, MD

A doctor's account of her own experience of death, heaven and return to life with a new realization of her purpose on earth.

New York Times #1 Bestseller.

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First Chapter

Runaway, Red Beret, & Reverend

The Remarkable Story of Mike McDade

By John Alexander

A runaway becomes a wealthy businessman and is transformed into a Baptist minister, not so much through his own determination as through the will of God and the belief and prayers of the Christians around him.

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Listen to Yeshua and YHWH for FREE!

YESHUA: The King, the Demon & the Traitor

From the depths of time come stories that have been told and retold for thousands of years. Twenty-nine exciting stories come together to speak of the life of Jesus and his followers.

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YHWH: The Flood, the Fish & the Giant

In a world where children are probably more familiar with Harry Potter than Jesus, it's often hard to encourage them to read the Bible in its traditional form. YHWH introduces the wonderful Bible stories to them in a way that captures their imagination.

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Staff Picks

The Word of the Wives

Abby & Michele Guinness

"I found it a refreshing change reading The Word of the Wives by Abby and Michele Guinness. It is a series of monologues from the point of view of women in the bible, from Mrs Noah to Mrs Potiphar (two of my favourites!) They are funny and moving, and really make you think differently about some of the stories we know so well, from the perspectives of some very interesting women! Her theatrical approach makes them fun to both read and perform, and inspires new ways of sharing the stories of the bible. Will make you laugh, and make you think – a good combination in my opinion!"

Claire Ashurst, Trainee Commissioning Editor

Featured Review

'Home - the word itself is evocative, far more than the roof over our heads or where our life with loved ones is lived out. Here is a book that will make you think again about home which is after all closely tied up with our sense of identity and belonging. As the third in a trilogy, I did read it quickly the first time, to discover how the writer managed the adjustments involved.  It raises the question of how do we support those who return to a place quite different to what they left. But a feature of each chapter is a thought provoking prayer which can be a very helpful way to pray into our own situations. There is honesty which could make the writer vulnerable but struggling with a sense of home is not unusual.  There is thanks to God for his presence with us, to Jesus for all he has done and yes the final chapter does point us to our final home where there is no more sorrow, crying or pain.

So this book stands alone but also completes the story begun in the My Seventh Monsoon.'

Reviewed by Lilian Gill - Woman Alive Book Club

Staff Picks

Complete Surrender

Julian Wilson

"Complete Surrender really fills in the gaps left by the excellent Oscar-winning movie Chariots of Fire. Not only does it provide endearing insights in to Eric Liddells early life but it also documents his incredible life after the Olympics as a missionary in China.

Here you will find the true measure of the man not in gold medals or Olympic wreaths but in humble and self-sacrificing  service which ultimately saw his life cut dramatically short."

Malcolm Down, Publishing Manager